To Touch the Wall

Oh, to scale to the top

of a mountain, steep.

To plumb the vast depths

of the oceans, deep.

To stand on the stage

and hear the crowds roar.

Or, dance with a troupe

across a wood floor.

To strum my guitar,

as I sang all the lyrics,

or skate on the ice,

scoring 10’s from the critics.

Ah, to paint a great painting

in colors that flow;

make my living through art,

host my one-woman show.

To travel the world

and see all the sights.

Speak all those languages,

airy and light.

To read every book

that ever was written.

To know every target

I aimed at was hit. And…

to touch the sheer wall

of a raw, mighty wave!

These, and much more,

are some thrills that I crave.

I wish that I hadn’t lived life so afraid!

Copyright 2017 Regina Plimpton Quinn