Live Unafraid

Do not be afraid

to let yourself feel

what it’s like to love,

and to be loved 

by someone.

True, it can be quite messy

at times.

Offenses may come, 

intended or accidental.

But, they disappear, 

like magic,

once you stop

giving them a place to dwell,

in your mind,

senseless stick figures,

stabbing you

from inside.

Love warms you,

when you are cold.

It is the soft breath of air

that calms you,

when you are so hot,

that you feel

like you want to scream,

or claw out your eyes

in frustration,

for being so misunderstood.

Love will not leave you;

you hold it, inside…

a gentle, warm light,

deep, deep inside,

where it would otherwise be

so cold

and so dark.

If you were to close that light


it would only smother,


But, if you choose, instead,

to open up,

to let in…

the sun, 

the light, 

the air,

and voices, soft or loud,

music, heavy and light,

and the colors

of sunsets,

and landscapes,

and rainbow sparkles

that dazzle,

in tiny droplets of rain…

If you choose

to walk towards,

instead of away,

from the faces that you meet, 

you will find

other hearts,

with love,

either hidden or displayed,

lit by each one’s own 

inner flame,

either smothering, slowly,

on its last faint embers, or

flickering brightly,

a shining,

if feeble,


Let your light

of inner love

leap out,

beyond foolishly-rigid


to illuminate 

your path,

which stretches out


where your eyes can see,

ready always,

to meet


and whoever

lies before you,

ready to blaze

into a blinding brilliance

wherever you are.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear….” 1 John‬ ‭4:18‬ (KJV)

Copyright 2017 Regina Plimpton Quinn