Youth’s Quest

I wish someone could suddenly, somehow, see

the me that I know I could someday be,

instead of this lame, lonely “wannabe,”

instead of the geek, who stares back at me

from the tech screen, reflecting.

I wear a façade, when I go out the door.

I try to blend in, but it’s such a great bore,

because the real me is so very much more,

than the tedious covering that mantles my core.

Nonetheless, I keep hiding.

Why should I give to others such power over me,

that I limit myself to just what they see,

when, alas, I am nothing, if I can’t be me,

true to my nature, not my own enemy,

cringing and cowering?

Where is bravery, when I need to take a bold hand?

Where is confidence hiding? More courage to stand?

Why am I always following, and not in command?

This is not the grand destiny that I have planned.

For what am I waiting?

I must realize, in fact, what this quest is about:

slaying my dragons of fear, and of doubt,

battling imaginings, stubborn and stout.

There is no ragged barrier that I can’t surmount,

if I just start challenging.

So, my mission, for me, is abundantly clear.

Gauntlets of chain mail, I don’t need to wear.

Toward my goal, toward my victory, I need to steer,

unrelentingly onward, and upward from here,

dauntless and daring.

I may fumble, while gaming. I may have some false starts.

But, I might just succeed, if I don’t lose my heart.

So, I’ll reset my efforts, only saving what’s smart.

Success isn’t mystery; that’s only a part

of victoriously living.

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Regina Plimpton Quinn


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