Just a Day

Today is just a day;

it began in such an ordinary way.

I awoke to aches and pains,

and I proceeded to complain.

Looked for coffee, but there was none.

Just as well; drink it too often.

I squint at sun, outside my window;

decide to hide, inside again, though,

watching birds that flit and flutter,

hearing nothing that they utter.

I count the hours ‘tween dawn and dusk,

endure them wearily, since I must.

I neglect to start some new thing.

I don’t really fancy changing.

Just a day like any other.

I’m quite sure, there’ll be another.

So, tomorrow, I’ll get out.

Make it count, this day. Today.

Well, today is just a day, too;

began as ordinary days do.

I awoke to aches and pains;

thought I’d rather not complain.

Had no coffee; drank some water,

for my health; you know, it matters.

Felt warming sun, through open window;

planted flowers to watch them all grow.

I watched birds that flit and fluttered,

enjoyed the melodies they uttered.

I’ll fill the hours ‘tween dawn and dusk.

No more days wasted, but, there’s no rush.

I think I’ll start my favorite new thing.

I like the fact I’m finally changing.

Just a day, like any other.

Alas, for me now, there is no other,

So, today, you must get out.

Make it count, this day. Today.

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Regina Plimpton Quinn


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