A.D.D. Avalanche

I coulda been a genius,
if it weren’t for ADD.
I prob’ly could have even aced
that stupid SAT.

Yet, I am so distractible,
I have to say it’s true.
So, see if all this evidence
seems obvious to you.

I just can’t stop my microwave,
which, at 30 sec, goes “Ding!”
I burn 8 minute garlic bread,
while on the oven door I lean.

I leave a room, forgetting why
and have to go right back.
I’m doing three tasks all at once,
or don’t know how to act.

I’ll dial someone, forgetting who;
I’m suddenly appalled,
for, when the dialee says, “Hello,”
I’ve forgot just why I’ve called.

I have a hundred applications,
on my 16 Gig iPad.
“Get rid of some,” my family says.
But, that would drive me mad.

Instead, I go from app to app.
I blog. I game. I chat.
And, hours and hours of every day
all blur, because of that.

I make lists, and piles, and projects;
then, of all of them, lose track.
Yet, I can locate anything,
if it’s somewhere in my stacks.

I have a table called “The Avalanche,”
because it’s piled so high,
the papers that are stacked on it
oft’ hit the floor, and lie.

I can carry on a dialog
with one, or two, or three,
while thoughts explode within my head…
ideas all running free.

I forget my meds, forget to eat,
forget to sleep. And then,
I start another day,
forgetting all that stuff again!

There’s a method to my madness,
though, there’s no one wants to hear.
So, I’ll tell my faithful cat, for
he has such a listening ear! 

Copyright 2016 Regina Plimpton Quinn


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